the Task Force Hawaii series

A new Harmless spinoff series filled with suspense, hot men, and breathtaking romance. Find out more →

the Santinis series

A family who believe sin service before self, and the women who will bring them to their knees. Find out more →

the The Fitzpatricks series

An exciting Santini spinoff featuring Kaitlin Fitzpatrick Santini’s brothers as they travel the road to true love! Find out more →

the Harmless preludes

Discover how characters met before their book began. Find out more →

the Harmless Military series

A spin-off of the wildly popular Harmless series, featuring military men and the women who love them. Find out more →

the Semper Fi Marines series

Three category length books that are loosely linked to The Santini Series. Each book is a contemporary romance and can be read alone but are more enjoyable read together. Find out more →

the Cursed Clan series

A five-book paranormal series featuring the Clan McClennan and a curse that has haunted them for centuries. Find out more →

the By Blood series

Enter the world of Victorian England where an entire world of vampires operates within the glittery world of the ton. Find out more →

the Sweet Shoppe series

Mel’s sweet paranormal series where visting The Sweet Shoppe brings you your heart’s desire. Find out more →

the Once Upon an Accident series

The Once Upon an Accident books are set in Regency England and are loosely connected to a group of friends. They are steamy romantic suspense with a different hero and heroine for each book. Every book has a turning point based on an accident. Each of the prior characters appears in the other novels, allowing the reader to catch up. Find out more →

the Telepathic Cravings series

A trilogy of space-operas centered around a group gifted people. Find out more →

the Lonestar Wolf Pack series

Welcome to Sanderson Texas, where shifters run the town and keep the peace. Find out more →

the Bounty Hunters series

Bounty Hunters Inc are futuristic action adventures filled with intrigue. Find out more →

the Texas Temptations series

A menage series involving women who find two, three or four men just for her. Find out more →

the Saints and Sinners series

Another futuristic series filled with hot action and searing romance. Find out more →

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