Now only .99!

Now only .99!

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Primal Instincts is live!

Site News: Apr 18, 2019


Hey, Primal Instincts is here and ready to be downloaded. It’s only .99 and in Kindle Unlimited. Remember, this was originally entitled The Alpha’s Saving Grace and is basically the same.


Site News: Apr 12, 2019


Hey, there! I am excited to share my new series with you. Joy Harris, my PA and one of my besties, helped me come up with a military series with a twist. Three buddies get out and open up their own cupcake shop! The first of the books will be releasing sometime in May. All three will be novellas so the price point will be .99.

Make sure to check out Camos and Cupcakes today. And add Delicious, the first book, to your Goodreads shelf today.

Cover Reveal: Primal Instincts

Site News: Apr 10, 2019


I am excited to share the new look for the first book of the Lonestar Wolf Pack series. I renamed it Primal Instincts and it will be out next week. Isn’t the cover gorgeous?

Make sure to add it to your Goodreads TBR Shelf.

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