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Announcing lower prices

Site News: Mar 31, 2020

The last two weekends, I had a ton of freebies and the outpouring from readers was amazing. Thank you for your emails and comments. It is a scary time, many people losing their jobs, or dealing with other issues that are straining the pocketbook. The last few weeks, I sat down with my husband (the official CFO of Harmless Publishing), and we worked out a system to lower prices while still being able to pay our bills. (more…)

Six More Books for Free!

Site News: Mar 26, 2020


I had a lot of email and comments last week thanking me for the freebies, so I decided to go ahead and do another round of freebies. These are all series starters also, so you can try out different series to see if you like them! (more…)

Six Books for FREE!

Site News: Mar 19, 2020


I have six of my first in a series books for free right now. Snap them up now!

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