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Delicious is now in KU!

Site News: Jun 7, 2019


Have you been waiting to grab a copy of Delicious in KU? Well, now is your chance! Also, make sure to join my NEWSLETTER. I’ll have an interview with our hero Ed.

Delicious is LIVE!

Site News: May 31, 2019


Ed is finally here! I have been so nervous about how everyone will like Ed and Allison. From the early reviews, people are loving them as much a I do.

It has been a long time since I sat down with the intention of writing a shorter book. The Santinis all range about 40K or more (180 pages or more) and these books are hitting about 150 pages. They are about the size of A Little Harmless Military Romance novellas. I am not saying that is all I will write from now on, we have two more TFH books and at least two more Harmless books and well, you know, we could go on forever. But, for right now, I am loving this new world I am writing in.

Remember, if you read on a platform other than Amazon, make sure to order the book THIS WEEK. It will go into KU a week from today.

Make sure to add Delicious to Goodreads!

10 Things I LURV about Delicious

Site News: May 30, 2019


Delicious will be here tomorrow, and I can’t wait for everyone to read it. It is a return to straight romantic comedy and it’s alternating first person—the first time for me.

Ed and Allison are so wonderful and I hope everyone loves the Camos and Cupcakes world. There are two more in the initial series but I have a lot more planned set in this new world. But first, let me tell you what I LURV about this book!

  1. This is my first 1st person romance. It was exciting to write and easier to slip into their world.
  2. Cupcakes.
  3. Allison is named after my chemo nurse who treated me during my treatment.
  4. Ed Cooper is probably one of the sweetest heroes I have every written.
  5. Cupcakes.
  6. EJ and Savannah, Allison’s bffs, are so fantastic. I think everyone is going to love them.
  7. It’s set in the King William District in San Antonio that is one of the thriving art/foodie areas in San Antonio and is dominated by gothic architecture.
  8. Our hero is a baker who knows just how to use frosting in and out of the kitchen.
  9. There are Harry Potter references, a virgin (not our hero or heroine) who is okay with being a virgin, and a curvy women who dates more than our two friends (also not our heroine).

Don’t forget to preorder the book especially if you read on Apple, BN, Google, or Kobo. The book will go into KU June 7th.

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