Check out the five things I LOVE about Hate to Love You!

Check out the five things I LOVE about Hate to Love You!

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Hate to Love You is here!

Site News: Jan 17, 2020


Today is the day! Grady and Syd are out in the wild. Remember, if you buy your digital books on Kobo, BN, or Apple Books, make sure you buy it today before it leaves those platforms to go into Kindle Unlimited. This is a test case for this book and the follow up Love to Hate You.


Five things I love about Hate to Love You

Site News: Jan 15, 2020


Woo hoo, we are getting so close to the release of Hate to Love You! Seriously, I love this book and I love Syd and Grady. And all the new characters who exploded out of this book. I can’t wait for everyone to meet them.

  1. The heroine Syd has a best friend named Nancy.
  2. The Hawthorne family is AMAZING. Four boys, Grady, Gavin, Quinn, and Carter. They are hilarious and I love them.
  3. Carter Hawthorne. Okay, I know I mentioned him in the last one, but he is a force of nature. I think readers are going to love him.
  4. Best friends Syd and Nancy end up getting arrested when they go on a bender after Syd and Grady have a fight.
  5. The town of Juniper Springs! This little funky town outside of San Antonio is so cool. It will feature prominently in upcoming books:)

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Site News: Jan 13, 2020

I am giving away 20 copies of Hate to Love You on Goodreads.


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Hate to Love You by Melissa Schroeder

Hate to Love You

by Melissa Schroeder

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