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Site News: Aug 14, 2018

There are only two weeks left until Fletcher is out in the world. How about a little excerpt to celebrate!


coming August 28th from Harmless Publishing

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“Tell me your favorite story about Meghan and Maggie.”

Her eyebrows shot up. He sensed that he surprised her with the question. Good. At least he wasn’t the only one being continually surprised. “The M and M’s?”

He laughed. “You call them that?”

“Yes. They do not particularly like it because it reminds them of their insane thoughts about faeries.”

“What thoughts?”

“It wasna tae long after I met them that I found out they thought that faeries ate humans as revenge. I don’t know where they read or heard that, they never told me. After pretending they had angered me and I would eat them, which they figured out was just a joke, but it took a full five minutes, I started calling them my M and M’s.”

She was laughing the entire time she was telling the story. He had never seen her quite this happy. Her joy shimmered around her and reached out to him, slipping beneath his flesh and stirring his blood. It was like before, but stronger as if she couldn’t help but share her pleasure. He had never had this kind of connection with a woman. Maybe that was why he seemed helpless against the need to rise from the table and walk to her side. Without hesitation, he bent and pressed his mouth against hers.

She stopped laughing. He thought it would be a simple kiss, just a brush of mouths and then he would sit back down. Instead, need exploded inside of him, then rushed over his flesh. Electricity seemed to spark in the air around them. He wanted to surrender to the desire he’d resisted but knew better than to push. She responded, but it was tentative, not full force. Then a blast of heat swept over them, the kitchen seemingly caught fire. He wanted this, needed her on some level that he had never experienced. Fletcher reached down to draw her closer, to feel her body against his. All thoughts of controlling himself seemed to dissolve into a puddle of lust that left his entire body craving relief.

“Fletcher!” she yelled. He blinked and found Serena looking at him as if he had grown another head.

He looked around the kitchen, then finally at her. They were both still sitting at the table, as they were before his fantasy took over. The air was normal, no sparks, no heat.


“Where were you? I kept calling your name and you just didna respond.”

He scrubbed a hand over his face. “I must be more pissed than I thought I was. I should take myself off to bed.”

But he didn’t want to. Not without her at least. Need crawled through Fletcher, urging him to invite her. He pushed back that thought, barely. As the silence stretched, her gaze became more worried.

“Do you need help? I can move you…”

“No,” he said with a little more force than he had expected. He couldn’t help it. Feeling her magick would probably push him over the edge. He knew it would be too seductive.


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Another Santini is coming soon!

Site News: Aug 13, 2018

Everyone has been asking when Nando was going to get his story and now you can preorder his book!


Callum on sale!

Site News: Aug 12, 2018

Ever thought of trying out my series The Cursed Clan? Well, now you can try the first book for only .99! Grab it this week before it goes back up to the original price at the end of the week!


The Cursed Clan, Book One (more…)

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