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A Little Harmless Scandal

Scandal was a return back to my roots with my bestselling series, Harmless. It had been two years since I had written in the series, although I had written many books in Task Force Hawaii, which is a spinoff.

I returned to two characters readers had loved since A Little Harmless Fascination, Mick and Adam. The bisexual couple had been together for awhile before this book came to be, but they had always played with women. When they meet their new neighbor Serenity, they can’t but help to think she might be the one for both of them. Their soundtrack was eclectic and a bit sweet in my opinion. It set the tone of the story since all three characters have very distinct characteristics, and the love story is sweet–but also hot!

Hold On by Micheal Bublé was the love song for our heroes. They have a great backstory, being friends before finally falling in love.  There is a love scene between Adam and Serenity in which I listened to Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran. For our trio, Give Me Love, also by Sheeran, and When I was Your Man by Bruno Mars were their love songs.

Seductive Reasoning Soundtrack


Emma was such an amazing character and completely different than my other heroines. She didn’t see herself that way and that is why the song Monster by Eminem featuring Rihanna fit her so well. She knew her character faults but she had learned to live with them and thrive.

For Seductive Reasoning, I started using various instrumentals from LOST. No Place Like Home was the love song for Del and Emma. I did not think about it until I was finished writing, but the title fits Emma especially because she had been looking for a home and an Ohana for a long time.

A Santini in Love


Goodnight Saigon by Billy Joel inspired the opening scenes where Madison is rescued.

Dante and Madison didn’t seem like they would fall for each other, but when they did, it was complete and absolute. It’s why All of Me by John Legend fit for their love song.

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By Blood

series-banner-bloodIn the world of By Blood there are Born and Made Vampires, and Carriers.


  • All male.
  • Born as humans are.
  • The mating of a Carrier and a Vampire.
  • Trace their familial roots back the most ancient times
  • Seen as normal in their world
  • Exceptional hearing, night vision, amazing strength
  • Sensitive to sunlight.



  • Made by having their neck bitten (see transition explanation below)
  • Must be past puberty when bitten.
  • Unstable and homicidal once blood lust takes hold. They cannot be controlled until they are fully transitioned.
  • When they feed before they fully transition, they go overboard and tend to kill the woman they are feeding from.
  • Once transitioned, they have the same powers as Borns but they all have light green eyes.


  • Females who carry a gene to birth vampires passed through the female line.
  • If they do not mate with a vampire, they birth normal humans.
  • Have psychic powers, ie, premonitions, visions, dreams, hear others’ thoughts.
  • Once mated their powers become stronger as their sensitivity to light increases.
  • Can be scented by both Made and Born Vamps once she has reached reproductive age.



  • Only Carriers can birth other Carriers and Vampires.
  • 40 week pregnancy
  • A Vampire must bite the Carrier during intercourse, injecting the fertility serum into her blood stream. Instinctive, and reaches potency once the Vampire is around 30 human years.


  • Feed as human babies do.Carriers’ breast milk is the only thing they can feed on until solids can be introduced. It contains a special antibody.
  • Born Vamps begin to have cravings during puberty.
  • They eat regular food throughout their lives.
  • Once they reach their reproductive years, their feedings are not as common. They are usually confined to sexual encounters.
  • Once transitioned, Made Vamps take on all the feeding traits of Borns.


  • Born Vamps start transition through puberty, their need for blood growing with their libido.
  • Made Vamps are forced into their transition after a Born Vamp feeds off them. They are drained of almost all their blood. Then, it takes them 48-72 hrs of sleeping to recover. When they awaken, their bloodlust starts to grow.
  • Made Vamps have the same 3-4 year transition in a matter of weeks. They are overcome with lust, their need for blood and sex overwhelming. If they are controlled and fed the blood of a Born, they might be able to survive.


  • A vamp shares his blood with his mate during sex. From that point on, he can only feed from her, their lifeforces are bound together.


  • Stake to the heart, made of Spanish Mahogany.
  • Sunlight can be deadly if exposed to it for too long. First sign of problem is a skin rash.


Inquisition – Many Vampires were killed, but the worst of it was the Carriers. Because of the Church’s actions, the Quad council became even more secretive.

Vlad the Impaler – Born Vamp who made his army.