A Little Harmless Scandal - Melissa Schroeder

A Little Harmless Scandal

Scandal was a return back to my roots with my bestselling series, Harmless. It had been two years since I had written in the series, although I had written many books in Task Force Hawaii, which is a spinoff.

I returned to two characters readers had loved since A Little Harmless Fascination, Mick and Adam. The bisexual couple had been together for awhile before this book came to be, but they had always played with women. When they meet their new neighbor Serenity, they can’t but help to think she might be the one for both of them. Their soundtrack was eclectic and a bit sweet in my opinion. It set the tone of the story since all three characters have very distinct characteristics, and the love story is sweet–but also hot!

Hold On by Micheal Bublé was the love song for our heroes. They have a great backstory, being friends before finally falling in love.  There is a love scene between Adam and Serenity in which I listened to Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran. For our trio, Give Me Love, also by Sheeran, and When I was Your Man by Bruno Mars were their love songs.

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