New to Melissa? - Melissa Schroeder

New to Melissa?

Mel has over eighty books, so it can be tricky to know where to start! Here’s a little guidance to find your favorite way to jump in…

Want to read Mel’s books by heat level?

If you are like Mel, you read across genres and heat levels. Mel has basically two different heat levels.

Sensual/mildly explicit

These books don’t close the door on the bedroom, but they tend to have less explicit love scenes. Books included in this heat level are The Santinis, Semper Fi Marines, By Blood, the Cursed Clan, Task Force Hawaii, and Once Upon an Accident.

Extremely explicit

These books also don’t close the door, but they step up the sensuality level, and might include BDSM and/or multiple partners. Books/Series included in this are the Harmless Series, Texas Temptations, Telepathic Cravings, Hawaiian Holidays, and Saint and Sinners.

Do you like a little suspense with your romance?


Mel loves suspense and has incorporated it in several series and some of her single titles. Task Force Hawaii is Mel’s most popular suspense series, but she has many books with suspense in them.

Other suspense series include the historicals Once Upon an Accident and By Blood, along with the contemporaries the Cursed Clan and Lonestar Wolf Pack.

If you like your suspense set in far out places, try Saints and Sinners, Telepathic Cravings, and Bounty Hunters, Inc.

Several of her series are not primarily suspense, but include books that have suspense, including the Harmless, Santinis, Semper Fi Marines, and The Fitzpatricks. Her Mother’s Killer and Grace Under Pressure are single titles with heavy romance.

Looking for vampires, shifters, and immortal beings?


Mel has several different paranormal series to choose from.

Like vampires? How about Victorian England? Then By Blood is the series for you. It has an entire class of vampires operating within the ton.

If you like your heroes with Scottish accents and a curse to break? Check out the Cursed Clan about five immortal cousins.

Space Cowboys??? Yep, Mel has them. Saints and Sinners, Telepathic Cravings, and Bounty Hunters, Inc all have them, along with the novella, The Last Detail.

Magic chocolate that gives you what your heart desires? You need to get yourself to the Sweet Shoppe where a mysterious baker offers people sweet treats and their fantasies.

If shifters are your thing, check out Lonestar Wolf Pack.

Like a man with a uniform?


Mel has several series and books that feature military heroes.

Born for sin and made for love, the Santini family serves their country with honor. But when these men and women fall in love, it’s forever. And make sure to check out the spinoff series Semper Fi Marines.

If you like a little BDSM in your military romance, check out A Little Harmless Military Romance, a spinoff from the very popular Harmless series.

And if you want to read Mel’s first military romance, Operation Love.