FAQ: Looking for vampires, shifters, and immortal beings? - Melissa Schroeder

Looking for vampires, shifters, and immortal beings?


Mel has several different paranormal series to choose from.

Like vampires? How about Victorian England? Then By Blood is the series for you. It has an entire class of vampires operating within the ton.

If you like your heroes with Scottish accents and a curse to break? Check out the Cursed Clan about five immortal cousins.

Space Cowboys??? Yep, Mel has them. Saints and Sinners, Telepathic Cravings, and Bounty Hunters, Inc all have them, along with the novella, The Last Detail.

Magic chocolate that gives you what your heart desires? You need to get yourself to the Sweet Shoppe where a mysterious baker offers people sweet treats and their fantasies.

If shifters are your thing, check out Lonestar Wolf Pack.

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