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What is the status with new Harmless / Task Force Hawaii books?

I’m not sure. I don’t see either Harmless or Task Force Hawaii fitting in with my current plans for 2023. I’m super excited about what I am planning for 2023, though, and I hope readers will feel that excitement, too.


The last few years were hard on me (hard on everyone!) and I found that writing high-intensity suspense was just not giving me the same rush that it did before the pandemic. I kept going back to Camos & Cupcakes for some Delicious, Luscious, and Scrumptious banter— and frosting. The frosting always makes me laugh.

I like to laugh. 😂


The Camos and Cupcakes World led me to Juniper Spring right before 2020, right as the real world got a whole new level of heavy. But the hip and quirky town of Juniper Springs got me through lockdown and the stressful years that followed.

And if my reader mail is any indication, y’all are enjoying Juniper Springs, too. I’m so glad.


Please don’t get me wrong, I love the Harmless world. I’m not saying I’m done with suspense. I just need a break from the dark & twisty for a bit, and I’m having fun with romantic comedy in Juniper Springs. I hope you will, too!

What is your next book and when can I buy it?

My coming soon page is where I will always post information about my upcoming books. If it’s not there, either I don’t know or it’s not definite. I promise, if I know, you’ll know.

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Additionally, I have an awesome Facebook group: The Harmless Addicts, and sometimes I “accidentally” post news there first (oops!) — please join us — we’d love to see you there.

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You call yourself and your kids brats. Why?

Why Hawai’i?

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What is By Blood?

About Task Force Hawaii:

What is the status with new Harmless / Task Force Hawaii books?

What was the inspiration for Task Force Hawaii?

What exactly is Task Force Hawaii?

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What is the Cursed Clan about?

How many books are in The Cursed Clan?

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What is the status with new Harmless / Task Force Hawaii books?

What happened to Only for Him?

What are the Harmless Shorts and Preludes?

What series are connected to Harmless?

Why are some books BDSM and others not?

What is Harmless all about?

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Who is Joey and why do Santini fans love her?

Who are the Santinis?

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What is the status with new Harmless / Task Force Hawaii books?

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Where are the last two parts of the Great Wolves?

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