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The Most Asked Questions:

When will Twisted Emotions be released?

SOON! The truth is it was planned for 2024, but as I planned the 20th Anniversary of Harmless, I realized that it needed to wait until after Trust (The Wulf Family Book 3) released. The entire Task Force Hawaii o’hana plays an important role in the book, especially Adam. Right now, Twisted Emotions is planned to be the first release of 2025.

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What is different about A Little Harmless Sex?

There are quite a few new features in A Little Harmless Sex for the 20th Anniversary Edition.

  • Updated scenes


  • Extra chapter
  • An expanded epilogue.
  • Clues and surprises from upcoming stories.
  • Same extordinary love story.


What are the Original Harmless Five?

With the changes to the Harmless series, I wanted to take just a moment to let you know about the transformation.

First up is The Original Harmless Five series. These are the first five books of the series and all of them were published by publishers before I went indie. These are the core five books that lead to so many other books in the Harmless World.

The books have been expanded with new scenes and expanded or brand new epilogues.

What is going on with the Harmless books?


That’s the short answer, but here is the longer explanation:

The books are going through some changes. After almost two decades, I have decided to give them an overhaul. What does that mean? Well, the 14 books (and Jakob Wulf is the 15th book) are being split into four different series.

I will have more information soon about the extra goodies that will be in the books! Think Easter Eggs, and lots more reader questions answered. It’s going to be fun!

The Original Harmless Five
  1. A Little Harmless Sex
  2. A Little Harmless Pleasure
  3. A Little Harmless Obsession
  4. A Little Harmless Lie
  5. A Little Harmless Addiction
Rough ‘n Ready
  1. A Little Harmless SubmissionRough Submission
  2. A Little Harmless FascinationRough Fascination
  3. A Little Harmless FantasyRough Fantasy
  4. A Little Harmless RideRough Ride
Harmless Trouble
  1. A Little Harmless SecretHarmless Secrets
  2. A Little Harmless RevengeHarmless Revenge
  3. A Little Harmless ScandalHarmless Scandals
The Wulf Family
  1. A Little Harmless FaithFaith
  2. A Little Harmless TabooTaboo
  3. A previously unreleased story-Need

Where are the Harmless books?!

The Harmless books started returning on October 20th. Make sure to subscribe to my RSS Feed and/or my newsletter and follow me on the socials to make sure you don’t miss all the good news!

What is your next book and when can I buy it?

My coming soon page is where I will always post information about my upcoming books. If it’s not there, either I don’t know or it’s not definite. I promise, if I know, you’ll know.

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About the Harmless Series:

What is different about A Little Harmless Sex?

What are the Original Harmless Five?

What is going on with the Harmless books?

Where are the Harmless books?!

What happened to Only for Him?

Why are some books BDSM and others not?

What is Harmless all about?

About Task Force Hawaii:

When will Twisted Emotions be released?

What was the inspiration for Task Force Hawaii?

What exactly is Task Force Hawaii?

About the Santinis:

Who is Joey and why do Santini fans love her?

Who are the Santinis?

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What is the Cursed Clan about?

How many books are in The Cursed Clan?

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What is By Blood?

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Where are the last two parts of the Great Wolves?

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