Wulf Family Series - Melissa Schroeder

The Wulf Family Series

Enter the world of British billionaires in this sexy trilogy of stories about three siblings.

These books are filled with some of my favorite characters in the Harmless World. I had never thought to write about British billionaires, especially a family with clear connections to the Windsors. But I did, and I love them all.

It started with a simple idea. What if the family bad boy, former heroin addict, and all around hottie gets attached to his sober companion. That little idea spawned all three books, featuring one of the Wulf family siblings, Jensen, Julienne, and Jakob.

With the reimagining of the Harmless World, I was able to rewrite the series in the way I wanted. The love stories are all the same, but now the suspense thread links all of the books.

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