FAQ: Who are the Santinis? - Melissa Schroeder

Who are the Santinis?

The Santinis are a military family in the truest sense. In the early 2013, my husband and I started to plan for retirement. I wanted to honor the time he served in the military. The first four books of the Santinis – Leonardo, Marco, Gianni, and Vicente – are set in areas where we were stationed through his twenty year career.

I bundled the first four into The Santinis Collection and was blown away by my readers once again when they kept it on USA Today best-selling books list for two weeks.

As people kept asking for more, I moved on to the next set of Santinis – A Santini in Love, Falling for a Santini, One Night with a Santini, Santini Takes the Fall, A Santini’s Heart – and more to come!

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