FAQ: Want to read Mel's books by heat level? - Melissa Schroeder

Want to read Mel’s books by heat level?

If you are like Mel, you read across genres and heat levels. Mel has basically two different heat levels.

Sensual/mildly explicit

These books don’t close the door on the bedroom, but they tend to have less explicit love scenes. Books included in this heat level are The Santinis, Semper Fi Marines, By Blood, the Cursed Clan, Task Force Hawaii, and Once Upon an Accident.

Extremely explicit

These books also don’t close the door, but they step up the sensuality level, and might include BDSM and/or multiple partners. Books/Series included in this are the Harmless Series, Texas Temptations, Telepathic Cravings, Hawaiian Holidays, and Saint and Sinners.

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