By Blood - Melissa Schroeder

By Blood

series-banner-bloodIn the world of By Blood there are Born and Made Vampires, and Carriers.


  • All male.
  • Born as humans are.
  • The mating of a Carrier and a Vampire.
  • Trace their familial roots back the most ancient times
  • Seen as normal in their world
  • Exceptional hearing, night vision, amazing strength
  • Sensitive to sunlight.



  • Made by having their neck bitten (see transition explanation below)
  • Must be past puberty when bitten.
  • Unstable and homicidal once blood lust takes hold. They cannot be controlled until they are fully transitioned.
  • When they feed before they fully transition, they go overboard and tend to kill the woman they are feeding from.
  • Once transitioned, they have the same powers as Borns but they all have light green eyes.


  • Females who carry a gene to birth vampires passed through the female line.
  • If they do not mate with a vampire, they birth normal humans.
  • Have psychic powers, ie, premonitions, visions, dreams, hear others’ thoughts.
  • Once mated their powers become stronger as their sensitivity to light increases.
  • Can be scented by both Made and Born Vamps once she has reached reproductive age.



  • Only Carriers can birth other Carriers and Vampires.
  • 40 week pregnancy
  • A Vampire must bite the Carrier during intercourse, injecting the fertility serum into her blood stream. Instinctive, and reaches potency once the Vampire is around 30 human years.


  • Feed as human babies do.Carriers’ breast milk is the only thing they can feed on until solids can be introduced. It contains a special antibody.
  • Born Vamps begin to have cravings during puberty.
  • They eat regular food throughout their lives.
  • Once they reach their reproductive years, their feedings are not as common. They are usually confined to sexual encounters.
  • Once transitioned, Made Vamps take on all the feeding traits of Borns.


  • Born Vamps start transition through puberty, their need for blood growing with their libido.
  • Made Vamps are forced into their transition after a Born Vamp feeds off them. They are drained of almost all their blood. Then, it takes them 48-72 hrs of sleeping to recover. When they awaken, their bloodlust starts to grow.
  • Made Vamps have the same 3-4 year transition in a matter of weeks. They are overcome with lust, their need for blood and sex overwhelming. If they are controlled and fed the blood of a Born, they might be able to survive.


  • A vamp shares his blood with his mate during sex. From that point on, he can only feed from her, their lifeforces are bound together.


  • Stake to the heart, made of Spanish Mahogany.
  • Sunlight can be deadly if exposed to it for too long. First sign of problem is a skin rash.


Inquisition – Many Vampires were killed, but the worst of it was the Carriers. Because of the Church’s actions, the Quad council became even more secretive.

Vlad the Impaler – Born Vamp who made his army.

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