Book 5 in the Cursed Clan Series

The thrilling conclusion to the Cursed Clan series!

A woman destined to save her family.

Anice has always felt left out. Granted, not on purpose, but when the only female who spent two centuries with her cousins and brother, it’s hard not to. Now that all of them have found their mates, she is ready for her happy ending. When she falls for Brody Stewart, Anice is thrilled he is interested.

A man who hides his true self.

Brody has spent his entire life hiding his true self from the world. When his sadistic cousin gives him a chance at freedom, he takes it. He has no issues seducing a woman–until he meets her. Anice is his mate, there is no doubt, and he cannot imagine a life without her. Now he has to play a careful balancing act protecting both her and his family.

A love that cannot be denied.

When Brody’s deception is uncovered, Anice wants nothing more to do with him. Unfortunately, it’s revealed he is essential to the last quest. As dark forces close in on the Mclennans, Anice and Brody will have to learn to trust each other, or lose everything they hold dear.

This is the conclusion to the Cursed Clan series which is better read in order.

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Book 5 in the Cursed Clan Series

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Anice lay in the field, looking up at the starry night. It was late, later than a lass like her should be out, but she didn’t care. Her brother and her cousins could galivant all over the countryside at all hours of the day or night, but her doing it was frowned upon. She was sick of playing by the rules.

She couldn’t fight the pull of the night. It always seemed to grab hold of her, especially when the moon was full. She could stare up at it for hours.

She heard a twig snap and stilled. She did as her cousin Callum had taught her and listened. More rustling. Not the wind and definitely bigger than most of the nocturnal animals in the area. Her instinct told her to run as fast as she could, but a voice stopped her.

“Lady Anice, do not fret,” an older, weary voice called out to her. When the person came into view, Anice recognized her. The witch who told fortunes and saved lives.

“I wasn’t fretting,” she lied. “What are you doing out and about this late?”

“I could ask the same of you, but I know why you are here.” She sighed. “Frederica had a baby tonight and I attended the birthing.”

She nodded but said nothing else. Anice wanted to ask the woman more, to know everything about her future, but she controlled the urge…barely.

“I should get home before I am missed,” she said, brushing the grass and twigs from her plaid. “Good evening.”

She only got three steps away before the witch called out to her, “Don’t you want to know your future, Lady Anice?”

Anice hated the fact that she did. More than anything in the world right now. She turned to face the witch. “I doona think that is a good idea.”

“Why is that?”

“Knowing what has been foretold might hinder my true nature.”

There was a long pause, then the witch threw back her head and cackled.

“Stop that,” Anice said, trying to ignore how embarrassed she was. “I said, stop it.”

The witch finally calmed herself. “Please, do not take offense, my lady. I was only enjoying your spirit. Too many women don’t have your courage. Tis good, since you will be needing it.”

Unable to resist, she stepped closer. “So, you do know my future?”

“No. Not completely. The Fates do not always reveal their ways to me.”

“But you know something?”

The older woman’s smile faded, and her expression grew troubled. “Yes. For all of us in the Highlands. We will be forced to endure some of the worst times we have seen in centuries. But for you, your mate…he will not be easy.”

She snorted. “I would not want an easy man. They are usually lazy.”

“You are as wise as I thought. Tis good because this man in your future is just like you.”

“Like me, how?”

“Tell me, my lady. Why do you like to come outside at night?”

“Tis quiet. I like that everything seems so serene at night.”

The witch nodded. “But I guess you specifically come out during the cycle that features a full moon.”

“Maybe,” but it was true. It was always this night that called to her.

“Yes. Well, your mate will need you by his side, and he will need a woman who understands.”

“Understands that he traipses across the fields at night?” She crossed her arms beneath her breasts. “What are you blathering on about?”

Another quick smile, then it faded. “Oh, how I would want to see you fall in love, but I fear it will be long after I am gone from this earth.”

Intrigued even more, she stepped closer. “How long?”

“I cannae tell you that.”

“Then what good are you?” she asked, frustration threading her tone. Anice knew it was unladylike to be so blunt, but she didn’t care.

For a long moment, the witch said nothing. The silence filled the night and Anice suddenly felt as if Nanny had caught her stealing biscuits.

She opened her mouth to apologize, but the witch held up her hand.

“No, you need that attitude, my lady. You are the key and it will test you.”

“The key?”

“The link between families. You are the one who will save the Clans, the only one who can unite them.”

She rolled her eyes.

“Doona think lightly of your role. Your mate and you will have a difficult time of it. He will be true to you, Anice. A man that might not seem to be, but he is. Believe in him, and you can have a happy life.”

“But if I don’t?” she asked, embarrassed that her voice shook.

The witch’s dark eyes held no amusement. “Destruction of everything you hold dear.”

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This is the conclusion to the Cursed Clan series which is better read in order.