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A Little Harmless Faith – Full First Chapter

Site News: May 16, 2018

I’m excited to share the entire first chapter of A Little Harmless Faith! Remember, the book is on preorder at a reduced price until June 7th!

Upcoming titles

Site News: May 15, 2018

Hey, there! As I put the finishing touches on A Little Harmless Faith (remember, it is at a reduced price during preorder.) I am eyeing the rest of the year and what I would like to release. I just wanted to let readers know these are my plans, but there are no real dates because I am not sure how I will respond to my radiation treatment. If all goes as planned I hope to stick to this pretty closely. There are more things planned, but the next several months through early fall are pretty set in my mind. Follow me after the jump to see everything.


Revisiting Joey and Marcella Santini

Site News: May 13, 2018

I thought for Mother’s Day we would revisit my interview with Marcella and Joey Santini.


Joey and Marcella Santini have known each other since the late 70’s when Tony and Marcella were married. I met them in one of the great places I discovered in the Warrenton area, Blue Ridge Seafood. Marcella and Tony were taking some time with Joey and Papa so we decided to meet up over some crab legs.   (more…)

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