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Stuff…and a cover…and more stuff

I am trying to get a hold of everyone by end of business today. To help with things like this in the future, I have hired a personal assistant. Many of you know Brandy Walker who is blogger and aspiring author. We have been friends for a few years and I asked her to take on […]

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Meet Your Next Harmless Hero!

Starting this week, I am back in Harmless Land. I had planned on writing Devon’s book, but that is going to be the one after this. See, there was a hot, hot guy chatting in my ear. He would not shut the hell up. Once I started listening, the damned heroine showed up. Now, I […]

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A Music Break

You all know how musical I am. I have to have some song for a book or I am lost. I have a future Harmless brewing, not contracted, but the title I have in my head is A Little Harmless Secret. The two characters have a passionate affair four years before the book starts and […]

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Good Monday Morning

I would like to say it was at least a good Monday. Granted, it is my favorite type. Dreary, cool and rainy, but I had at most 3 hours of sleep last night.  I was too wired up to fall asleep without TV and I did that, on the couch, so now my back is […]

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Working again…

So, I got yesterday off for the trip to Baltimore but now I am back at work. I am going to finish this Harmless book up ASAP so that it can sit for a week before I start editing it. I am pretty pleased with the way it is coming alone. I like these characters, […]

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