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Good Monday Morning

I would like to say it was at least a good Monday. Granted, it is my favorite type. Dreary, cool and rainy, but I had at most 3 hours of sleep last night.  I was too wired up to fall asleep without TV and I did that, on the couch, so now my back is worse. Yeah, that was super smart.
That being said, I am going to see Uma the Massage Goddess today, so it should all work out. I am sure she will TSK at me for sleeping on the couch and spending most of the weekend bent over the computer. But, A Little Harmless Lie has been turned in. I would like to say I have today to goof off but I don’t. My house looks like a cyclone hit it. With the release of A Little Harmless Obsession and finishing up A Little Harmless Lie, I have ignored my housecleaning…more than usual. Of course, there ARE three other people living in this house, but apparently, it was beyond their abilities (insert sarcasm here).
And, well, work continues. I have a synopsis to write, a blurb worksheet to fill out, two cover questionnaires, and edits landed in my email Friday for Delilah’s Downfall. I need to finish off the next Hawaiian Holidays book also. All of this is my work for this week. Why am I pushing myself? Well, mainly because I am going to spend a good chunk of Oct editing The Spy Who Loved Her. So, I am busy, busy, but at least today, I get a break for Uma to work on my back.
I hope everyone has a great Monday.


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  1. I’ll tsk at you from here too. You still have to take care of yourself Mel. If the house bothered the other 3 so much then they can get off their butts and help out with the cleaning.

    Yeah, wishful thinking I know but still.

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