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Updates and what not

I want to give everyone a big update on things that are going on with me. Many of my readers on FB and Twitter already know that I was recently diagnosed with very high blood pressure. It is now under control, but the first few weeks while they were playing with the meds, were very […]

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In the Cave

Normally, I don’t do this. I say I will, but I always seem to pop up from time to time. With my recent health issues, I need to remind myself to take it easy. So, I will try to be out there chatting to you, but I am working on Desire by Blood. I am […]

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Les & Mel’s 20th Anniversary

20 years ago, it was a hot June evening when I married Les. And when I mean hot, I mean, we lived in Texas and it was freaking June…and the AC in the church gave out. It was horrible, but we made it through that and the 20 years since. We have made 15 moves, […]

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Out of Pocket

I wanted to let everyone know that per doctor’s orders, I am taking it easy. I had a bitch of migraine hit me this week and it sent my blood pressure up. So, other than a few minor things, I am just writing and resting. A DREAM COME TRUE. Please, if you email me, expect […]

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Writing, editing and house hunting

Well, the Schroeders have been on a roller coaster the last few days. Thankfully, it looks like we will not be homeless but we are still waiting to finalize everything. Harmless NewsI have been editing A Little Harmless Fascination. I am finally happy about it which rarely happens this early in the process, so that […]

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