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Merry Christmas

I love this time of year. Not the crazy running around, which I refuse to do and do most of my shopping online, but this time of year and the memories it brings up. I spent a huge part of my childhood in Germany and while I like being on a beach sometimes for Christmas, […]

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70 years ago

We lived in Hawaii for the last decade anniversary. We only lived about ten minutes away from where the Arizona rests below the water. We drove by the Memorial several times a week there, and it was a part of our every day lives. Les worked in a building that still bore the marks of […]

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It’s just different

I am buried in writing and teaching, I know what is new, but I am happy as a clam. At least with writing. Teaching makes me do math and science and it might be Barbie of me to admit this, but I hate those subjects. They are hard. I am not good at them, which […]

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Hump Day Thoughts

I am working hard at getting us all back up to speed here at the Schroeder household. My youngest and I have been hard at work, and hopefully, we are back on track with school work. I have made a pledge to write 5K a day, six days a week. That should give me about […]

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Good Monday Morning

I would like to say it was at least a good Monday. Granted, it is my favorite type. Dreary, cool and rainy, but I had at most 3 hours of sleep last night.  I was too wired up to fall asleep without TV and I did that, on the couch, so now my back is […]

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