Merry Christmas - Melissa Schroeder

Merry Christmas

I love this time of year. Not the crazy running around, which I refuse to do and do most of my shopping online, but this time of year and the memories it brings up. I spent a huge part of my childhood in Germany and while I like being on a beach sometimes for Christmas, Germany is spectacular for Christmas. I really want to go back and share it with my girls and Les, and revisit all those wonderful places I remember, see what has changed. It has been over thirty years since I have been there, but I still remember the smell of gingerbread in the air as you walked down the streets during the Christmas season. When you are a child, walking around a living breathing fairy tale is beyond anything you can imagine. And, that is the way I see Germany, esp this time of year.

Whatever you celebrate, I hope you have a great day filled with joy and love.


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