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It’s just different

I am buried in writing and teaching, I know what is new, but I am happy as a clam. At least with writing. Teaching makes me do math and science and it might be Barbie of me to admit this, but I hate those subjects. They are hard. I am not good at them, which makes teaching them oh, so much fun. Luckily, my youngest is a math whiz, as is her sister and my husband, and Les is pretty good with Science.

I am moving along slowly in Callum. It is so different to write a big paranormal book. I have never done it before, and so it is a bit daunting. I have the whole thing plotted, which most people would see as a good thing, I do not. It is starting to hamper me a bit, but I will preserve. I am a pantzer for the most part. I write by the seat of my pants. A few years ago, I allowed one of my acquaintances to talk me into the notion that I needed to plot. Everything. It was a D I S A S T E R! Major. It was probably the most unproductive times in my career. During that time, I wrote the first 30K of Callum and plotted the rest. My main problem is if I come up with it, and write it down in the plot, it MUST happen. In my head, I cannot get rid of it in the plot. So I am struggling a little bit with that.  But, because I am too damned stubborn, I will prevail!

So, with it being plotted, which is actually a good thing since this is a huge paranormal, and because of the fact it is a HUGE paranormal, it is like I am more of a newbie author. I am having those doubts I always do with the writing of the book. (FYI, I had serious doubts about Submission). So, I might not be as visible the next few days as I hunker down to finish this.

I am off to do a little writing before the kiddos roll out of bed. Have a great Tuesday, everyone!


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