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Countdown to Harmless in Hawaii

I know Brandy and I still have over a month, but it will be a busy month that is for sure. With Christmas in there, a trip back to visit family in Texas for me, and both Brandy and I have kid birthdays before we go. WHEW, we will be busy, busy. Not to mention I have two books and a short story to finish before we leave. Yeah, I am crazy, but you all knew that.

I didn’t have the best of time living in Hawaii because we moved there about three months before 9-11. It wasn’t the best of times and Les worked a lot. Sort of took the fun out it. Plus, he was only a captain when we got there. We didn’t have that much money. And, then, there was the baby. Taking a baby to a beach is not all that much fun.  But, one thing I am excited about it taking Brandy and showing her the island. She has never been and it is always fun showing it to newbies. We did that with our youngest last year, although she was born there. We left when she was barely two years old so she didn’t remember.
We have a lot of things on the agenda and we are still organizing. One thing I do want to do is take pics of places I mention in the books. Not all of them are real, some I just place in areas that I know well. Dupree’s is not real, of course. Or Rough n Ready, but I hope to take some pics of the areas where I put them in the book. We will also try to do video updates every day, and I will post where to find those soon. We will probably just upload them to my MelSchro account on Youtube. Be sure to keep watching here because I will post everywhere to keep up with all our updates while we are there. Oh, and for you Harmless folks, one thing Brandy and I will be researching is a possible Harmless in Hawaii in 2013. We need to see if we can make it half way affordable for everyone.
Off to do some of that work right now. Have a great Monday everyone.

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