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Updates and what not

I want to give everyone a big update on things that are going on with me.

Many of my readers on FB and Twitter already know that I was recently diagnosed with very high blood pressure. It is now under control, but the first few weeks while they were playing with the meds, were very hard on me. Nothing like bending over to pick something up off the ground and almost passing out. Either way, I was ordered to start taking it easier. I am a workaholic and tend not to understand that I am pushing myself too hard. What it means is that I have to slow down a bit on the writing. Not much, but I really need to make sure that if I need a break that I step away from the computer. So, that is why Desire by Blood has been pushed back a few weeks and it will probably not be at AAD. Now, I will have uncorrected ARCS for it at AAD.  Or that is the plan. These days, I cannot say anything for sure because some days, like yesterday, ROCK, and other days, just suck. Sort of like today.

One other thing, I will NOT be doing any major updating to the website. Waxcreative is almost done with my new site and I am just cannot deal with having to do a bunch of updates at the moment. Once the new site goes up, and it is SUPER COOL, the updating system will be streamlined and links to various online places will be included. It will be much more user friendly with all kinds of cool stuff. Also, I will not be doing that much blogging because I am going to start a new wordpress blog. But I will be throwing a HUGE party on my blog when I go live and I will also have a newsletter contest.

I am sure all of you can understand that this is a very trying time for my family and me. Les is busy as course director through all of this and I have to push ahead and get everything finalized for AAD. I do not want people to think that I am being lazy, it is just a necessity right now or I would end up cancelling things like I did in 2007.

I hope readers are not too upset. I promise, come this late summer and early fall, everything will be up to date and the site, OMG, it is KICK ASS.


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  1. I lost contact with you for a while! As the wife of a senior military officer I get so busy at times I almost forget who I am! I really enjoy your books, have read every one I can get my hands on. Please take care of yourself and slow down a little. We all love you and your books, we will wait.

  2. Take care of yourself! High blood pressure is not something to ignore. I love your books but, health is more important! Take it easy!

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