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New Lineup and things to come

Lots of things are changing for me at the moment, and I just don’t mean the move to Alabama. I want to be able to say I blog regularly. I don’t now, but I am going to try to change, I swear.Anyway, I am looking for authors who would want to be spotlighted on my […]

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The Way NOT to Ring in the New Year

Well, yesterday was not fun. For those of you who don’t know, I suffer from Degenrative Disc Disease. It is a really long and fancy way of saying I am a clutz who fell down the stairs 8 years ago and damaged a disc in my back. It sits on a muscle in my upper […]

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Free A Little Harmless Obsession Giveaway

I have been really under the weather lately with my back spasm. For those of you who don’t know about it, I have a condition known as Degenerative Disc Disease which basically means I have a damaged disc. It sits on a muscle in my upper back and causes all kinds of problems from time […]

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