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New Lineup and things to come

Lots of things are changing for me at the moment, and I just don’t mean the move to Alabama. I want to be able to say I blog regularly. I don’t now, but I am going to try to change, I swear.
Anyway, I am looking for authors who would want to be spotlighted on my blog. Every Monday I am going to have a Monday Author Spotlight. Email me if you would like to participate. please put Monday Author Spotlight in the subject line.

Starting next week, READERS AND AUTHORS, I am going to start my Whatcha Reading Wednesdays. Does not have to be a first read, as I reread a lot, but just a posting of what you are reading. Everyone’s name goes in the hat for a 10 dollar GC from Amazon or B and N.

I have a lot of things on my plate right now and the back has been a bitch. Just getting through some days is hard enough, but I am trying to finish up A Little Harmless Submission. As it stands right now, though, here is my line up for the next few months:

Love or Honor
Sinner’s Delight

Going for Eight

Cowboy Up

New work
The Last Detail

Infatuation: A Little Harmless Military Romance

Second Chance at Love (Once Upon an Accident novella featuring Sebastian and Anna’s mother. Find out what she was so preoccupied with during The Spy Who Loved Her)

The Cursed Clan: Black Diamond

Relentless: A Little Harmless Military Romance

Surrender: A Little Harmless Military Romance

I cannot say when things will happen with my Samhain or Siren books. I am turning a lot of things in the next few months, so hopefully I will hear something soon. I am also in talks with WCP about doing some more work with them. I would like to continue on my books after Her Mother’s Killer. I will let you know as soon as everything is finalized.


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  1. Wow! That’s quite a list. Looks like you’ll be a very busy woman the rest of the year. Looking forward to reading all these books. Love the Whatcha Reading Wednesday blog.

  2. Thank you for ALL you do Mel! The reads of yours bring so much joy and its a delight to come to chat here when I can. So know ALL YOU DO IS APPRECIATED! More than you know.


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