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Whatcha Reading Wednesday

HEY! I made it finally. First, emails to authors will be going out today and all of you should hear from them by this weekend. It has been crazy with Les’ bday and getting ready for Romcon and AAD.

So, onto Whatcha Reading Wednesday. Every Wednesday I am going to post what I am reading here. Then, you all come on over and post what you are reading. I will draw a name Friday morning for a 10 dollar GC to your choice of Amazon, B and N, Samhain, Siren. ARe or Fictionwise.

What am I reading? I just finished up an old favorite, The Wedding by Julie Garwood.
Now, though I am reading MJ Fredrick’s Something to Talk About. Well, I am going to start it tonight.

So, tell me what you’re reading. Doesn’t have to be romance, just what is on your bedside table, on your Nook or Kindle. Everyone will get their name in the hat for the GC!


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  1. I’m reading Secrets by Jambrea Jo Jones – It’s the second book in the shifter series. Very good. My next books is Southern Comfort by Mari Carr and Jayne Rylon – another second book in their Compass Brother series.

  2. There is a huge sale on Harlequin and I think Sourcebooks so last night I bought 10 books. All but one a Harlequin so I’m digging into those.

    Right now I’m reading Promoted: Secretary to Bride! by Jennie Adams

  3. Just finished IRRESISTABLE BACHELOR by Jessica Bird (aka JR Ward)

    now onto SOUTHERN COMFORT by Mari Carr & Jayne Rylon or starting TAKEN BY FIRE by Sydney Croft (sad, last of the ACRO series)

  4. I am (re)reading Position Secured by Olivia Brynn. Short & hot.

    Just finished Lessons in Indiscretion by Karen Erickson (first historical with Carina Press) and The Challenge by Megan Hart (Harlequin spice brief). I’ve been in the mood for short brief.

  5. Well, yesterday I finished Beelzebub girl by Jayde Scott, then started Serengeti storm, book 3 in the Serengeti shifters series by Vivi Andrews. I’m also patiently waiting for Moon Child by J.R Rain. It’s supposed to be out on the 15th. This kindle instant gratification thing is a bugger when you need to get stuff done; besides reading lots of books!! Have a good day everyone! 🙂

  6. I just finished Southern Comfort by Mari Carr & Jayne Rylon (OMG sooo good)
    I am starting Burn the Night by Jocelynn Drake.

  7. I just finished a re-read of Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater and starting a re-read of Linger so I remember more in order to finish up the series this weekend with Forever.

  8. I am reading Dark Embers by Tessa Adams. It is a paranormal dragon book.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  9. I just finished The Heir by Grace Burrowes. I am deciding between Hidden Agendas by Lora Leigh or Flirting with Temptation by Kelley St John.

  10. Morning Melissa! Your are the busiest person I know these days, and I’m sending you Wolf Magic & Wolf Energy in advance cause you need it…*S* Being a mom here…lol~~~Can~~You~~Feel~~It ?~~~~*wink*
    I just finished “Giving Chase Book 1 by Lauren Dane” last night, and I’m still reading;”Out There In The Night by: Lauren Baumbach”, “Southern Comfort by: Mari Carr & Jayne Rylon”, “Male Me Sweat by: Avril Ashton”.
    That’s not counting the 3 I just finished for review yesterday, and 2 more left to finish for review…LOL.

    I just wanted to say that the sweetest people I’ve ever met are the authors I’ve chatted with in the last 8 months, and other readers too. You all have the sweetest nature and kindest words for every one and I am ever so happy to have taken the chance by reaching out to not only the authors, but other readers too….*S I humbly thank you all…*S*

    pommawolf @ hotmail.com

  11. I just finished Southern Comfort (Mari Carr & Jayne Rylon) and Such Fleeting Pleasures (P.G. Forte) in the last 24 hours. I am getting ready to start Taming Tara (Kelly Jamieson).

    I have to agree with the previous comment. I am new to the romance genre and I have chatted with some of the sweetest people ever!

  12. Right now, I am reading CAN’T HURRY LOVE by Christie Ridgeway (really enjoying this one.) Then next in the TBR is SOUTHERN COMFORT…I am hearing such good things about it! smiles…

  13. I am reading 2 books by Jennifer Ashley The Pirate Next Door and Highlander Ever After then I’ll be starting Mystical Warrior by Janet Chapman

  14. I’m not reading romance. I just started yesterdays new release A Dance with Dragons. It’s sexy because it is smart. But you don’t want the sex that goes on in this book! LOL

  15. i am reading blaze of memory by nalini signh. part of the psy/ changling series. so good

  16. Hi Mel,

    I just started reading Vampire Instinct by Joey W Hill. She is one of my auto-buy authors and I really love this series.

  17. I finished reading Southern Comfort by Mari Carr & Jayne Rylon and it is so good. Now reading Obsessed by Lisa Sanchez, a suspense romance.

  18. I was finally able to be let in. Sketchy conn. Anyway I finished Lexxie Couper’s Savage Transformation part of her Savage Aistralia series. It’s really good. Paranormal with suspense and romance.

  19. Hi! I just finished Stanger in my Arms by Lisa Kleypas this morning. Starting Cold, COld Heart by Viviane Brentanos ( for review ) and One to Keep by Sophie Oak! =)


  20. I am reading a bunch of Nora Roberts older stories… just finished Stars of Mithra trilogy… have to see what I want next!

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