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Stuff…and a cover…and more stuff

I am trying to get a hold of everyone by end of business today. To help with things like this in the future, I have hired a personal assistant. Many of you know Brandy Walker who is blogger and aspiring author. We have been friends for a few years and I asked her to take on the duty. She will handle my contests, my appearances, and all the good stuff. So, I can spend more time writing and talking to readers. I might drive her away because I am not sure there is enough money in the world to get someone to put up with me, lol.  Put hopefully, it won’t take me close to two months to finish handing out the prizes .

Also, here is the cover for the first Military Harmless book. It is GORGEOUS. I lurv it.

This will be coming out at the first part of November in time for Veteran’s Day here in the US! I am super excited about this. Our hero is Francis (and don’t calle him by that name) McKade, former Aussie, now a US Seal, and Shannon Dupree(sister to Jocelyn and Chris). 
If you are going to Romcon, I will have 200, just 200 copies, of A Little Harmless Sex, signed by me. First come, first serve. I cannot be guarantee a copy, but I will personalize them after the Luau if you want them to be. I am still contemplating having some of Obsession with me. I am not sure I will, and it will be for sale since they are not having the booksigning. I am so busy trying to get all the promo ready, I have to make sure I do that. If you have a copy, you are more than welcomed to bring it with you to the Luau, just make sure you have Brandy or I know you have it right after you enter. That is just in case I am signing them there and selling them.
Okay, more emails to send are waiting for me, and I am trying to finish up Getting Lei’d the last of the Hawaiian Holidays books:) 


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12 Comments on “Stuff…and a cover…and more stuff

  1. Congrats to Brandy your new PA. Brandy we need her to comet o KC MO. 🙂

    And OMG I love the cover and can’t wait for the book.

  2. Congrats to your Brandy! *S*

    Loving the cover, and I can’t wait to get it when it’s released. I so wish I could attend any of these events, but just traveling OUT of Alaska cost such a fortune with the airline cost up here. You would think that living in Alaska we would get a break on gas prices, but we get get we penalized instead. But perhaps next year when we get back to the lower 48 I can travel to some these events…especially yours Melissa.
    Have a great day ladies!

  3. Just understand that I will do some traveling, but it will be light until 2013, then I will have more freedom. Les will be retired and I am getting a promise that Les will take off 6 months from official retirement date, especially if I am making this kind of money:) But, I am planning a few between now and then so we can see how it will go or if anyone is interested. OF course, I am planning the Harmless Hawaiian trip in Jan/Feb 2014 and I really, really want to make it to Australia for the Readers Convention there in 2013,

  4. Damn maybe I should have went to Romcon instead of AAD…. wait I get to drink with you and Kris so nevermind. Congrats to both you and Brandy for the awesome partnership or Dom/sub relationship (I am not going to say who is who). I will see you in 21 DAYS.

  5. LOL, I will have a lot of this at AAD too. The books, I am not sure about because I am not sure what is allowed there. My luau is really all mine and I can do what I want. But Kris and I have the Eternally Harmless Open Bar on Friday night, and we will have some stuff there and I know he has some RP stuff to give away:)

  6. Wow!!! Love the cover of new book…I can’t wait til November to read it *grin*

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