And the problems continue... - Melissa Schroeder

And the problems continue…

Lordy, this has turned into the biggest fubar. Many of the authors I sent info to for your wins did not get the emails, ARGH. So, I want to figure out who has or hasn’t gotten their prizes. So this is what I need from all the winners. IF you won and DID NOT get your prize, please email me again. I need it to be this way so I can make sure I get it. EMAIL at

SUBJECT: June Blog Contest
In the body of the email tell me what author you won from. Before I leave from Denver, I will try and take care of all of them. I just found all the bags and calendars so those will go out soon. But please, send your info again. This way, I can keep everything straight. The spreadsheet I had set up is completely useless now because I am totally confused about who got what.

 I truly apologize for the mixups and problems. Now that Brandy is going to be taking these over, maybe there won’t be any problems. I will respond and then when I forward to the author, I will copy you. That way, we will have a better record. I do not know why I didn’t that to begin with. You WILL get a response email from me so we can keep track. If you email me and don’t hear back from me in 48 hours (excluding Thurs night thru Sunday afternoon because I will be at Romcon) please email me again. Remember that I will be at Romcon, leaving Thursday afternoon and my internet access will be spotty. Plus, I am not taking my laptop with me, just the Ipad, so I won’t have access to all my files.

Thanks again for being so understanding.


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