The Way NOT to Ring in the New Year - Melissa Schroeder

The Way NOT to Ring in the New Year

Well, yesterday was not fun. For those of you who don’t know, I suffer from Degenrative Disc Disease. It is a really long and fancy way of saying I am a clutz who fell down the stairs 8 years ago and damaged a disc in my back. It sits on a muscle in my upper back, causes a spasm and causes many of my migraines. I have learned to control it mainly without drugs. I HATE having to take muscle relazers. It clouds my senses and makes it hard to write. So, I found a wonderful massage therapist who works on my upper back for an hour every 2-3 weeks. But, she is out of town and the muscle spasm went insane yesterday, causing one of the worse migraines I have had in awhile. So, I ended up at Prince William County Medical center where they drugged me up and sent me home. I have a note not to work today, bwahahahaha. Les gave me a look like I was to be off the computer today, but I think resting in bed WITH my computer would count as rest, right? lol I have to finish A Little Harmless Addiction and another project so I know I will get SOME writing in today before the muscle relaxer hits me.

But, if I am not around much the next couple days that is why. I hope you all stayed safe and sound for the New  Year’s Day, and make sure to vote for your fav hero. It ends in a few hours!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>
Oh, I guess we should have some purty manmeat for the New Year, yes?


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6 Comments on “The Way NOT to Ring in the New Year

  1. Oh dear, take care.

    I get migraines now and again and I know they are no fun at all. I am usually in bed for a day and throwing up!!!


    in Germany

  2. I’m so sorry about the back problems. That has to be rough on you, Mel. Here’s hopeing you feel better soon.

    By the way did you get my response to your msg that you had lost my first ones in your spam, or is this one filtered out too.

    You really should consider adding me to your “contacts”. I promise not to spam you. Just a few Samhain invitations once in a while.

    I know I’m 2 days early but also absent minded so before I forget…

    I hope you have a great one.


  3. Oh Mel, that’s awful!! I hope and pray you are feeling well and rested soon *hugs*
    You are one of the hardest working writers I know, I can’t imagine how you get it all done all the while dealing with pain and taking time for your family! Kudos to you, beautiful lady <3

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