Happy Birthday to MEEEEE - Melissa Schroeder

Happy Birthday to MEEEEE

Yep, that is right. It is my birthday today. I am turning 42 years old…I think…yeah, 42. Anyway, I usually would host something somewhere, but this year, I am under the gun on some books, so I need to write today. Okay, I am going to write but I am also reading.
So, here is what I am going to do. Wish me happy birthday, and you are entered in a contest for a 25 dollar CG from your online book retailer of choice. That’s it. Easy peasy. And of course, we need a nekkid man to celebrate.

They are working on my dinner and cake:) You have until midnight eastern us time on Jan 6 to enter. Good Luck!


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23 Comments on “Happy Birthday to MEEEEE

  1. HAPPY HAPPY B-DAY, Melissa!!! πŸ™‚
    I would love to have two sexy guys making a birthday cake and dinner for me that way too! πŸ˜‰

  2. Happy Birthday, Mel. I hope it’s a great one!!!

    Please don’t enter me in the contest since I just won in your last one.


  3. Happy Birthday, doll! I hope you’re having a fabulous day.

    You know, I think those guys need a little help in the kitchen – I’ll be right down!

  4. Hey Birthday Girl. Hope you have a fabulous day, get spoiled by everyone you love, indulge yourself with everything you want to eat, and most of all, feel good about you, and all that you’ve accomplished this past year.

  5. Happy Birthday Mel !! If I had hotties like that to make my cake I would have a birthday everyday !!! I hope you are enjoying your new COLOR NOOK !!

  6. Valerie comes in singing….

    Happy Birthday to you….
    Happy Birthday to you…..
    Happy Birthday dear Melissaaaaaaa
    Happy Birthday to youuuuuu!!!

    Hey, where did everyone go????

    in Germany

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