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A new year is always exciting! I am not one for resolutions–not the normal kind. But there was one thing at the end of last year that I promised myself: more time with my family. I achieved that this year, and I plan on doing it more next year. It meant that I had to cut back on some things to keep up my writing schedule. I cut down a lot of my TV watching and I sadly had to leave Wicked Writers last April. I wasn’t devoting enough time to my family or even my career at that point. As one of my friends says, when you do what the universe wants you to, you will be rewarded:) A Little Harmless Sex ended up as one of the top 100 best selling NookBooks of the year, one of only two books from a digital press, and Conquering India was nominated for a Bookie, from AAD.

Other than carving time out for the family being one of my ongoing resolutions, I have another. I want to come up with a way to meet more of my readers in real life. I am not sure how much I can do that this year with the big move, but I think I can come up with some ideas. Do you all have any ideas, outside of conferences, that is? And if you can make it to AAD in Philly, please let me know you are coming. Even if you don’t do the conference and just live in the area, maybe we could get together:)

This has been a year of rebirth for me as a writer. I am happy again doing what I love. And, I could not have done it without the support of my readers. You all have reinforced my belief that I was doing things wrong, and that this way is the better way. I feel blessed to have such wonderful and supportive readers. Now, I am going to take some chances this year. I am going to branch out, and yes, for those of you who loved the partial of By Blood, it will be published, either this year or next. If not by a publisher, then I will do it myself, along with The Cursed Clan.

Here’s to a new year full of possibilities and excitment! I wish each and every one of  you good luck and happiness in 2011. And, here is one of the songs I think reflects my mood at this time. Lady A has hit it again with this song. It is time to get out there and see people, get to know them, and have some fun mixing it up. Enjoy!


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  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I am still working on AAD but if not I will find a way to meet you. As your stalker it is in my job description !!

  2. Happy New Year Mel. I must say that I’ve been enjoying your rebirth as a writer this past year and am excited to see what you do this year.

  3. Thanks, everyone! For meeting people, I will not make RT this year because of the move and the family vacation I promised the girls. But, I will probably be there next year if they have it in New Orleans. And, I would love to have just a reader weekend somewhere, nothing big, just us hanging out, but I need to get settled in AL before I plan that:)

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