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Meet Your Next Harmless Hero!

Starting this week, I am back in Harmless Land. I had planned on writing Devon’s book, but that is going to be the one after this. See, there was a hot, hot guy chatting in my ear. He would not shut the hell up. Once I started listening, the damned heroine showed up. Now, I can’t think of anything else.

My working title is A Little Harmless Submission. I hope that Samhain actually wants it when I turn it in next month!

Rome Carino. You might remember the cop who handled May’s case in A Little Harmless Obsession. He is a Dom who now has an honorary membership to Rough n Ready. This book is going to have a lot or suspense with a serial killer on the loose in the club. Worse, the FBI will be popping up demanding to be in charge of the investigation. His heroine is actually an FBI agent, Maria O’donnell.

Yep, that is Linda Carter and that is our herione. Second generation FBI agent, her father was a legend in the Bureau so she has a lot to live up to.
Don’t forget, A Little Harmless Sex is FREE for one more week. And, I had to redo my Harmless group on facebook. It is now HARMLESS LOVERS and I’d love to have you there.


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  1. Oooh…love the handcuffs. I have to say that Harmless Sex is wreaking havoc on my ability to get anything done so far this week…”harmless” my hiney!

    Oh. And my verification word is “ranybed”. Is that a metaphor?

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