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Self-Publishing-The First Six Weeks

I think the subtitle of this blog should be: Boring facts and ramblings from Mel. Readers, this may be of little to no interest to you, but I have had a few authors ask me questions about my process and I thought I would address them here. Now when someone emails me, I will just […]

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Hump Day Thoughts

I am working hard at getting us all back up to speed here at the Schroeder household. My youngest and I have been hard at work, and hopefully, we are back on track with school work. I have made a pledge to write 5K a day, six days a week. That should give me about […]

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Book Spotlight, Callum

We are over a month away from the release of Callum the first of The Cursed Clan series and I am already wanting to scream with delight. This is the book that finalled in the Romance Junkies Reader contest several years ago, and landed me an agent for a short time. Sadly, NY kept telling […]

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Back in the saddle

Or so to speak. I am back from what I called a hellcation, and it truly was. The kids had a great time and we actually got pics with more characters this time around. I am happy that they had this experience, and glad we could give it to them, but I am done with […]

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Infatuation, writing, things to come

Chloe Vale, my editor, and I are putting the finishing touches on Infatuation and I wanted to let you know that it will probably be delayed just a few days. The ickiness I had last week put me behind and I am just about caught up. I also wanted to explain what these books are. […]

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