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Back in the saddle

Or so to speak. I am back from what I called a hellcation, and it truly was. The kids had a great time and we actually got pics with more characters this time around. I am happy that they had this experience, and glad we could give it to them, but I am done with Disney for years to come. I have already warned them about it. For me, it is kind of a pain because of the damaged disc, I can’t ride all those great roller coasters and scary rides. So, it is kind of a boring just walking around to watch other people ride rides. I did get those great pics and I plan on posting a few later this week.

But, I’m back to writing. I’m sending off the first half of Callum to my editor this weekend and Sunday and Monday I will be working on A Little Harmless Gift. I hope to have it done by the 13th. For a reminder, this is Micah and Dee’s short story. I am really excited to finish it up and have my editor proof it for me. I know Micah has gathered as many admirers as Evan:)

I will be very busy over the next few weeks getting ready for the holidays, teaching, and writing. It may take me a couple days to get back to you if you email, so please be patient. Know that I am trying to get ahead of the game so I can bring you more stories, Harmless and otherwise, to read in 2012.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, or weekend if you don’t celebrate the US Holiday of Gluttony, lol. Oh and because I used the cowboy reference:


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