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Infatuation, writing, things to come

Chloe Vale, my editor, and I are putting the finishing touches on Infatuation and I wanted to let you know that it will probably be delayed just a few days. The ickiness I had last week put me behind and I am just about caught up.

I also wanted to explain what these books are. Every one of them will be a long novella or short novel, whichever you like to call it. I had planned it this way for a couple of reasons. I was tied to my publisher to begin with and was looking at having to turn books in for consideration a year to eighteen months ahead of time. Since I was allowed to do the spinoff series as per my contract by myself, I thought these would be nice little side trips, not really in Hawaii, but Harmless all the way. Also, it is going to allow me to drop the price a dollar a book for readers.

Now I know that some of you are never going to be satisfied with a shorter book. Sorry about that, but this is the way I have them plotted right now. It also allows me to do a couple of things when they go to print this summer. I can put the first two books together in print OR I can write a free short story that will be included at the end. Still trying to decide what to do there:P But know I am not trying to short change you there. I wanted to do something in the vein of Harmless but not the same. Of course it has that military spin on it, but like the shorts, these are different from the main stories. I can almost promise you that the main Harmless Series will be 60K or above, so they will stay the same. I want readers to know what they are getting and this gives me a chance at playing with some Seals to see if I want to develop a larger military series in the future. Oh, and I give you some Harmless:)

Other things in the makings, A Little Harmless Gift should be out in early December, mainly depending on how long it takes me to get it formatted and I will be offering it up at .99. It is the cheapest I can go.  The coming months are going to be filled with new releases. Callum, the first of books detailing the Lennon Clan will be out in January. After that, I will have Falling in Love Again, a shorty connected to my Once Upon an Accident Series and will feature Victoria, Sebastian and Anna’s mother. You get to find out just what was going on with her during The Spy Who Loved Her. Then, you get another Harmless book late in Feb, A Little Harmless Fascination
That’s a lot of books in the next few months, so I will be keeping my nose to the grindstone working hard. I have had a few questions and yes, the longer books will be in print. My problem with Harmless is that A Little Harmless Addiction isn’t going to be out in print until May, so I have to wait until then. After that, I will start rolling those out a few months after the digital comes out. One thing I will say is that the price will be as low as I can make it to break even and I will be doing it through Create Space on Amazon and putting them in distribution channels. 
Oh, and I wanted to give you my pricing scheme for digital books. I don’t think I have posted it here, but I thought it would be good. These prices are for single titles and will not include digital bundles I do later:
Under 10K- .99
10-20K -1.99
anything over that will be 4.99
Now this might change depending on what retailers do. They have a habit of changing things without notice. Or, if my overhead costs rise, then I will have to raise the price of my books. Right now though, this works and I think readers are happy with it,  yes?
Now, I have more work to get done so I am off to work.


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  1. Yes very happy with it. I am glad your prices are going to be a good price some of the publishers charge alot for itty bitty novellas.
    I can’t wait for all the books to come out too.

  2. Brandy, I know your answer, lol.

    Desi, Yes, and I just don’t agree with that. I would have issues charging 2.99 for anything under 20K. It is the threshold for us to make 70% at Amazon, we earn 35% on anything below that, but I just can’t force myself to do it. Publishers have other concerns. I make back my initial investment on a new release in one day about. They can’t do that. This way, I can offer readers good prices and lots of releases:)

    Thanks, Jane. I hoped they did. I consulted a few readers when I was trying to decide.

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