A Music Break - Melissa Schroeder

A Music Break

You all know how musical I am. I have to have some song for a book or I am lost. I have a future Harmless brewing, not contracted, but the title I have in my head is A Little Harmless Secret. The two characters have a passionate affair four years before the book starts and accidently run into each other at the start of the book. There are a lot of songs speaking to me including Colbie Caillat’s I Never Told You, the hero’s song, and two of my new favs: Sara Evans Little Bit Stronger, our heroine’s song, and what is their song at the beginning of the book, Kenny Chesney’s Somewhere With You. I say at the beginning because they are in a mess and we want our hero and heroine to be happy at the end, yes? So I am sure something will come to me when I start working on it later this winter.

I am absolutely in love with Chesney’s song. I can’t get enough of it. They are both a little desperate for love in this book, a need that will override all their common sense. But, with this hero and heroine’s background, neither of them trust very easily. I already know writing this book is going to be hard on me.

I am off to finish my self edits for The Spy Who Loved Her to turn in today  so enjoy the music break.


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