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Year in Review: A Little Harmless Lie

When I was assigned to Editing Goddess Heidi, I turned A Little Harmless Obsession in again, and I told her, “Everyone is going to want Micah next.” Kai was actually supposed to be the next book, A Little Harmless Addiction, but both of us agreed that we need to crash another book in there for Micah. […]

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Year in Review: Sex on the Beach

YAY, we can have some more fun in the sun with our Hawaiian Holidays. Today, Siren is releasing the second book of my Hawaiian Holidays series, Sex on the Beach. Eddie is one of my favorite kind of heroines. I like them all tough on the outside trying to keep from getting hurt. But when […]

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Year in Review: Mele Kalikimaka, Baby

Earlier this year, I had decided I wanted to write some menages set in Hawaii. Just fun, flirty books, short, for the quick escape. I wrote the first two books of my Hawaiian Holidays, Mele Kalikimaka, Baby and Sex on the Beach. The third one is almost done and I will be turning it in, […]

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Year in Review: Delilah’s Downfall

When I met Delilah while writing Conquering India, I knew I had to give her a book. She had a particular weakness for cowboys and I first thought to write just a regular menage. But then, those darned twins popped up. So, Delilah had herself four men she had to handle. If anyone could do […]

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Year in Review: A Little Harmless Obsession

After over a year of waiting after turning in the project, A Little Harmless Obsession was finally released in Sept. I was so happy to share May and Evan’s story with readers who had fallen for them in other books as well as gain new readers. I think that Evan will always hold a little […]

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