Year in Review: Mele Kalikimaka, Baby - Melissa Schroeder

Year in Review: Mele Kalikimaka, Baby

Earlier this year, I had decided I wanted to write some menages set in Hawaii. Just fun, flirty books, short, for the quick escape. I wrote the first two books of my Hawaiian Holidays, Mele Kalikimaka, Baby and Sex on the Beach. The third one is almost done and I will be turning it in, crossing my fingers for a May release since it takes place on Lei Day(known as May Day here on the Mainland). But, since we have to wait awhile, let’s enjoy our two I have out now, including the NEW RELEASE of Sex on the Beach! First, though, let’s return with Sophia to her trip to the island and her two very hunky Hawaiian heroes, Mal and Jack.

Mele Kalikimaka, Baby
Siren Menage Amour


When Sophia Cantwell gets stuck in Hawaii working on Christmas, she isn’t too happy. She doesn’t like trying to buy land from a Hawaiian family, especially when she is convinced her company isn’t being ethical. When she is confronted by cousins Maleko and Jack Akaka at the airport, the landowners grandsons, she doesn’t expect the jolt of arousal, or the instant attraction. And she doesn’t expect that they would insist that she stay at the family condos.
Mal and Jack have shared women before, have thought about getting that one special woman for the two of them. Both of them are surprised that she turns out to be an uptight coporate go getter. But, the three of them cannot ignore their attraction, and a night out in Honolulu turns into a night in bed for all of them. When Sophia’s exlover, and boss, arrives unexpectedly, will she be able to walk away from her dreams of climbing the corporate ladder, or will she lose Mal and Jack? 
Sophia gasped as Mal took her mouth in a hard, needy kiss that had her head spinning. Lord, both of these men could kiss. His tongue danced over hers, inviting, tempting, pulling her into the kiss.
Jack pushed her hair to the side and undid the top of her halter dress. Mal pulled back and let the fabric fall to her waist. Cool air brushed over her hot flesh as he bent and took one nipple into his mouth. Heated pleasure danced over her nerve endings as he sucked then scraped his teeth over her nipples. God, he was insane with his mouth. She did not even notice that jack was pulling at the rest of her dress until it slipped down her legs.
“Oh, my, Mal. We have a very naughty girl on our hands.” Jack’s voice deepened, desire threading through it. He slipped his fingers over her slit.
Mal pulled back. His gaze traveled down her bare body, stopping briefly at her shaved pussy, then down the path to her sandals. By the time his gaze moved back up to her face, she was red with embarrassment.
“Definitely naughty,” he said, his mouth kicking up on one corner. “Wearing no panties, no bra, going out with two men…I think you’re a dream come true.”
Even in her embarrassment, she felt a sense of pride. It wasn’t like her to go without lingerie, but tonight, for some reason, she did it. She had told herself that it was because of the heat and the style of the dress, but she knew that to be a lie. She had wanted to be bad, without any thought that anyone would know. She thought she could have her little naughtiness and only she would be the person to know. But then, she had not expected to come back to her condo and agree to bed two men.
“I think we are in for a hot time tonight, cuz,” Jack said.
Mal nodded, then bent over, slipping one arm beneath her knees, the other at her back, and picked her up. Her sandals slipped off and clattered against the tiled floor, but she paid no attention. Mal was watching her as he carried her, his eyes so intense she was afraid to look away.
He laid her on the bed gently and followed her down. It felt odd being completely naked and having a man on top over her who was completely clothed. But she wasn’t given time to think about it. Mal moved down her body, his mouth moving over her flesh, nipping and teasing her until he settled between her legs.
She rose to her elbows to watch. He slipped his hands over her thighs and spread them further apart. Damn, she wasn’t a prude by any standards, but she could feel the blush rushing over her skin. She would be ever cursed with the damned fair skin.
“I love that you shaved down here,” he said, while he slipped his fingers over her sensitized flesh. “Damn, these pretty pink lips are wet.”
Jack had pulled off his shirt and was only in his jeans. He kneeled on the bed by her stomach and slid his hand down to her pussy. He slipped a finger into her at the same time Mal did. She collapsed on the bed as the sensations moved over her. Both of them fingered her, in rhythm. Wet heat pooled there. She knew it was dripping over their fingers.
“Fuck,” Mal said as one of them added another finger, bringing the number up to three. “I can’t wait to sink my cock into this tight little pussy.”
“Hmm, yeah,” Jack said and someone rubbed against her clit. Without warning her orgasm was on her, shooting her from aroused into a vortex of heated pleasure as it blasted through her.
“Holy shit!” Mal said.
As she was drifting down from the orgasm, she felt Jack move off the bed. Before she could even open her eyes, she felt Mal’s hot breath on her cunt. She lifted her head and looked down at him. His eyes were closed as he set his mouth on her. A look of sheer pleasure moved over his face as his tongue pierced her pussy.
She heard a chuckle from Jack and she glanced at him. He was naked, his entire body there for her to see.
She had been right about his build, about the way his long muscles would look under that light brown skin. Her gaze traveled down to muscled chest, sculpted abs, to his erection, which curved up to his belly. She swallowed.
“Are you ready for a taste?” he asked as he crawled beside her on the double bed.
She nodded. “Oh, yes.”


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