Year in Review: Sex on the Beach - Melissa Schroeder

Year in Review: Sex on the Beach

YAY, we can have some more fun in the sun with our Hawaiian Holidays. Today, Siren is releasing the second book of my Hawaiian Holidays series, Sex on the Beach. Eddie is one of my favorite kind of heroines. I like them all tough on the outside trying to keep from getting hurt. But when the right guy, or guys in this case, come along, she goes all out with two very ALPHA Marines from her past.
A sidenote: Eddie is Cam Mitchell’s sister. Cam also had an appearance in Delilah’s Downfall as an old boyfriend and does show up in Sex on the Beach. He and his brothers will have their own story, Morgan’s Men, I hope to finish that one up really soon and hopefully, Siren will accept it.
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Sex on the Beach
Siren Menage Amour


Edwina Mitchell, Eddie to her friends, doesn’t think she can have a happily ever after. She grew up with multiple fathers and never wanted to do that to a child. The problem is, she’s in love with two men from her past. When she runs into them in Hawaii, she thinks it is just another carefree weekend, but the guys have another plan.
Drew Masterson and Sean Childress have served their country and now they’re ready to enjoy life. That means opening a dive shop and finding the woman they both love, Eddie Mitchell. When they get a second chance with her, they refuse to fail. With New Year’s Eve approaching, they decide to do everything in their power to convince her she is the one for them.


“How about a swim?” she asked.
“Sounds like a great idea,” Drew said. He stood easily, his fluid muscles rippling as he stood. Damn, the man had a set of legs on him. Her gaze moved higher to the bulge behind the stretchy fabric of his trunks. Heat flared in her tummy, her body humming with anticipation. He held out his hand and helped her up and then led her out to the water. Sean was following.
She didn’t so much see him, but felt him as she walked to the water’s edge. When they touched wet sand, Drew dropped her hand and she tossed him a smile. This she could handle. Sand squished between her toes, and she could taste the salt in the air. With a whoop, she ran into the water and dove under the surface. She didn’t have to look around to see if they were following her. She knew they were.
Before long, they caught up to her. A hand slipped over her ankle and tugged. Without looking, she knew it was Sean. It was odd, but even after all these years, she knew these men better than any lover before or since their last encounter together.
She allowed Sean to pull her back. They were in deep water, but she could still touch the sandy bottom. Drew slipped behind her as Sean pulled her closer. Her heart hammered against her chest, her body shimmering with the heat only the two of them had been able to cause. Never before or since had she been this taken with a man…or men.
“I have to say, I think this is fate,” Sean said as he pulled her against his body. His hard cock pressed against her pussy as Drew settled his hands on her hips from behind.
“Yeah?” she said, her voice heavy with arousal. She cocked her head to one side. “How’s that?”
“We never came to this beach, but both of us decided to come today,” Sean said.
She slipped her hands up and over his shoulders. “Hmm, true.”
Emotions tumbled inside of her as Drew settled his mouth on the back of her neck. Sean was looking at her so seriously…completely un-Sean-like. Drew’s mouth moved over her neck, then she heard his intake of breath.
“When did you get this?” he asked, his breath feathering over her flesh. Her nipples tightened, her cunt pulsed.
She couldn’t think. Sean had slipped his hands up her torso, rubbing his thumbs over her nipples. They tightened with just a few strokes.
“This tattoo. When did you get it?”
Shit, she had forgotten about the tattoo. She’d gotten it a few days after arriving back in Baltimore. It was a picture of palm trees. She never told her friends why, but she had a feeling they knew.
“A few years ago,” she hedged.
He grunted, which told her that he didn’t believe her, but he didn’t push. He would, there was no doubt about that. But for now, she had dodged the bullet.
His hands moved over her ass, slipping under her bikini bottom, his finger tracing the line between her cheeks. She shivered and closed her eyes. Heat licked through her blood, danced over her nerve endings. Damn. In just a few minutes these two men had her ready to beg for sex. They were making her so hot that she was amazed the water didn’t start to boil around her. They had always been her weakness. No man had been able to do it to her until she met these two.
A splash of water hit her face, breaking the spell they created. She opened her eyes to see a boy just a few yards from them. Holy crap. She glanced around them and realized they were completely surrounded by families. None of them seemed to have noticed, but it was a close call.
What the hell am I doing?


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