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New Pricing Structure

It’s been well over a year now and I have been able to look over my earnings for the last year and readjust a few things and one of them is a pricing structure. From now on, here is how I will price my books: under 10,000 =.99 10,001-20,000 = 1.99 20,001-40,000 = 2.99 40,001- […]

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Shame on Barnes and Noble

UPDATE:Well, they have taken it off and the download sample is just a very short sample. I am not sure if they are doing this for everyone though, so if you are an author, I would definitely check. So, thanks to B and N for doing that. Next time guys, you might want to test […]

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Sunday Scribbles: Another Look at Numbers

So I said I would be up front and honest about numbers. When I first reported in December, I said that I was doing well. Now, I am doing even better. My numbers in December were:A Little Harmless Submission: 3602Infatuation: 1659 Now in about the same amount of time, I did another one-two punch. A […]

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Sunday Scribbles: More Numbers

So,  I said I would put it out there and talk about my self-publishing. I believe that being truthful is the only way to keep people informed.When I was looking over my numbers from the past few months, I decided to make some changes. First, I am doing more Harmless books and filtering my historical […]

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