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Shame on Barnes and Noble

Well, they have taken it off and the download sample is just a very short sample. I am not sure if they are doing this for everyone though, so if you are an author, I would definitely check. So, thanks to B and N for doing that. Next time guys, you might want to test it out before going live.

So, I am trying to take it easy, finish up the next Kiera West book, keep the bp that was stroke level just a few weeks ago normal, when I get a frantic email from a fellow author. (I did not ask for permission to use her name so I won’t put it in here.)
Seems that the some books have a “free sampling’ of their books on Barnes and Noble, which is the ENTIRE BOOK. Yes, this happened to several of my books there. And yes, I pulled them. They were selling, but dammit, I am not going to allow my books to be posted by a retailer for free! I know this hurts my nook readers. I am a best seller there and it is where I make most my money. But emails to PUBIT have not be returned. This apparently started last night. People who were getting sales every day are now losing sales, and not having ONE BOOK SELL. This is NOT good.
So, Nook readers, if you want your books back up,  you  are going to have to let BARNES AND NOBLE PUBIT and B and N know about it.
Email from their site and let them know you are unhappy about it your social media.
I don’t mind giving a full chapter sample of my books. In fact, the new website that is about to go live will feature first full chapters of my books. But I refuse to have my book go completely free forever. Sorry, I need to make a living.


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  1. I am not an author but as a reader I’ve had nothing but problems with B&N. I bought my Nook on ebay and didn’t find out until I tried to buy books from them than B&N will not sell to Canadians. They will only sell to people with a US address and a US credit card. They will not accept Canadian credit cards or PayPal for an ebook that doesn’t have to be shipped.

    This just doesn’t make good business sense to me. I’ve complained to their customer service several times and gotten the email equivalent of a shrug. They don’t care.

    I’ve discovered it is less of a headache for me to purchase my epub format books through ARe and Smashwords.

    I’m sorry this has happened to you and other authors. Hopefully, things will get better.

  2. And this is why I think they are not serious about it. They should have no problems getting ebooks in other countries, but they have not taken that step. It is stupid. They are losing money to other retailers.
    And they wonder why everyone is doing KDP SELECT and giving Kindle exclusive rights for 90 days.

  3. I am glad that they got this straightened out. Do they not realize that if authors can not make a living at writing, they will not be able to do this. This would then shut them out, cause if they are not getting books to sell, they can’t make money either. You would think they would check & double check before anything goes live.

  4. I don’t deal with B & N because I have a Kindle. I am sorry that that happened. You would think they would check those things before posting them. Hopefully they get it worked out for you.

  5. I initially purchased a Sony ereader, but capitulated last Christmas and purchased the Nook. I have to admit to loving it… I did not want a Kindle because I wasn’t comfortable with the monopoly Amazon was creating in the e-publishing world (and I am extremely happy that the Justice Dept. is working on the price fixing issue.)

    I will contact BN about my MS books (new releases) because I don’t intend to get them anywhere but BN. They are not infallible however, they usually manage to correct errors quickly and their customer service is pretty good (no one has customer service like Amazon!) I hope you will continue to release your new books here too! Some of your faithful customers are the kind of people who eagerly await New Release Tuesday like it is a mini Christmas….

  6. This was a few weeks ago and the problem was solved. It would be embarrassing to me as a company to do this, but apparently, not to them. Before my new site went live Wax Creative ran it through beta testing. It was extensive. And I am not a multimillion dollar company.

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