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Sunday Scribbles: It’s all about me

Okay, so during this venture into self-publishing, I have had two questions come up. First one is fairly simple to mock. More than once I have gotten the question from other authors and/or book people: How can you ruin the indy store and then claim to be indy? First of all, I am not that […]

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Guest Author and Giveaway: TJ Michaels

Hey all *tj waving madly*! How is everyone doing? Hopefully well. If any of you are Facebook junkies, like me, you may know that I was recently in Austria for the day job while sick as a dog. If I don’t see another bottle of NyQuil for the next ten years, it will be too […]

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Sunday Scribbles: Chasing the Million Dollar Deal

There has been a lot of talk about Amanda Hocking and her 2 million dollar deal after making it big in self-publishing not to mention EL James and the 7 figure deal for her erotic trilogy. So people automatically assume that you can put out a self-pubbed book and it will garner you a deal. […]

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Sunday Scribbles: Letting Go of the Validation Factor

I was reading a blog a few months back where an author was chatting about being self-pubbed. One of the commenters said that he would never want to be self-pubbed because he needed the validation of being published with a legacy publisher. What a waste of effort and money IMHO. Listen, if you want to […]

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My First Nomination for a Selfpub

Yesterday I found out that Infatuation was up for Best Erotic Contemp of the year at TRR. If you feel so inclined, please go vote for it, or your favorite book that is there. I am super excited because this is the first nomination for one of my selfpub books for a yearly award. It […]

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