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Sunday Scribbles: Baby’s Got Back….list

I am a believer in the backlist. Any author with more than a few books will tell you that you can live off a backlist. I know, it sounds crazy that old books can give you money to pay your bills, but it’s true. For a digitally published author, I always say it is about […]

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Sunday Scribbles: Goals for 2012

Well, I figured since everyone does this, I will hop on the bandwagon. I had to reassess my plan for 2012. I have to make sure that my youngest is getting her school work done and I need to schedule the kids more activities, including social activities and the oldest wants to take voice lessons. What […]

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Sunday Scribbles: There must be a formula…right?

Yesterday I had a well-meaning person (you can’t hear my voice so I will add sarcastic tone here) tell me I should rename my blog and not have a warning on it. First off, I have to have a warning or could get reported for content. It is one thing I am fixing on my […]

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Announcement: New blog series

Since I had so many emails, comments, and views, on the self-publishing blog, I am going to start writing more publishing industry kind of blogs. I probably won’t do it every week, but I’ll post them on Sundays if I do. They will be called Sunday Scribbles if you want to search for them. Not […]

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Self-Publishing-The First Six Weeks

I think the subtitle of this blog should be: Boring facts and ramblings from Mel. Readers, this may be of little to no interest to you, but I have had a few authors ask me questions about my process and I thought I would address them here. Now when someone emails me, I will just […]

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