Sunday Scribbles: Goals for 2012 - Melissa Schroeder

Sunday Scribbles: Goals for 2012

Well, I figured since everyone does this, I will hop on the bandwagon. I had to reassess my plan for 2012. I have to make sure that my youngest is getting her school work done and I need to schedule the kids more activities, including social activities and the oldest wants to take voice lessons. What this means is that I will be running around more. My kids are more important than my writing, so I had to look at the schedule and see what I could do.

I plan on having a release just about every 4-6 weeks, including a few rereleases there. I used to have a goal of 5K a day. But that is so difficult if I add in the 2-3 hours I do of teaching every day. Add in more activities, I have some issues there, right? So, I am cutting back to 3K every week day, then 5K over the weekend of 2500 a day. That should give me over 60K edited a month, which will make it easier on me.

I am a fast writer. 3K isn’t that hard for me to do. But that is unedited. Plus, with my schedule with the kids, I was spending way too much time in front of the computer. If I didn’t, like over Christmas, I get way behind then have to spend about 10 hours a day at my desk. With my degenerative disc disease, aka crack disc in my back, that is not a good thing. Migraines happen that way.

It is actually going to allow me to be more productive. I had to look at my work habits over 2011 and while I have accomplished A LOT this past year, I have had to work way too hard for it at times. Mainly because I did not follow my plan. So, my 3K a day is going to work. AND, unless I work it into the schedule, I will be doing 3K a day every day, including at AAD and yes, in Hawaii. That is unless I am ahead of schedule before I leave.

This is still going to allow me to have time to play with readers and reach my goal of 50 releases available for sale by December 31, 2012. That is, if the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE hasn’t happened. Then, well, I will have spent more time with my kids before we were eaten.

Do you have any goals for 2012?


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2 Comments on “Sunday Scribbles: Goals for 2012

  1. You rock! I keep assessing my schedule and wonder how these great authors I follow and/or know personally get it all in. Reassessing is fabulous. And I’m a lucky one to be on you PAs list to get ARC reads 😀

    Looking forward to whatever treats life lets you write and share with us. Happy 2012!

  2. I am looking forward to your new books to come in the new year. I have been a fan for a long time. Good luck reaching your goals!!

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