Sunday Scribbles: More Numbers - Melissa Schroeder

Sunday Scribbles: More Numbers

So,  I said I would put it out there and talk about my self-publishing. I believe that being truthful is the only way to keep people informed.
When I was looking over my numbers from the past few months, I decided to make some changes. First, I am doing more Harmless books and filtering my historical and paranormal books throughout the year. Callum was well received, but sales are not anything compared to Harmless. So, after much discussion with my PA and my hubby, I have decided to do it this way. I know it irritates people to wait, but I do have to make a living. It won’t be a matter of years, but of months, so it is nothing that big.
Then, I looked at pricing. I figured that all my books under 40K are going to be priced at .99 for right now. I just thought I would play with it, see how the numbers go. It cuts into my profit because I go from 70% to 35%, but my military Harmless books are 30-35K right now, and I see no problem with pricing them there. If I cannot make a profit, I will raise the price.
That changes my pricing structure right now. Books from 40K-60K will be priced at 1.99, and the 60-80K at 2.99. I think I will also be doing some pricing specials for awhile.
On KDP select, well, not that happy with it for harmless. It did okay
So, after almost 2 full weeks of publishing, I have made more on Barnes and Noble than I have in any one month. Actually, I did it in under one week and with a book that was a dollar


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