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Meet Brando Santini

Hey, there, everyone! You got a little snippet of Brando’s book yesterday (One Night with a Santini). So I thought you should know a little bit more about him. His book should be on preorder very soon!

Santini_BK9_600x900BRANDO SANTINI 

AGE: 33 yrs old

Occupation: Ground Intelligence Officer- about to start teaching at University of Maryland Navy ROTC

Twin-Carlos, who is now out of the military and owns a rehabilitation ranch out west.

Interesting fact: Did not do Annapolis. He opted for University of Maryland ROTC.

Brando’s Philosophy in life: Life always gives you at least one second chance. If you screw it up the second time around, you don’t deserve it.
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  1. I keep adding to my collection and can’t wait for you to get the rights of the first ones so I can read them too in epub! Thanks for the celebration!

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