A Santini in Love - Melissa Schroeder

A Santini in Love

Oh, HAI! I sort of went on a bender away from work yesterday and forgot to post the wonderful scene I have with the guys. That will be coming up tomorrow and I will add on another GC so there will be two up for grabs!

Today, I am sharing a little nummy bit from A Santini in Love.


Dante let his hand slide further down, past her lower back, to that great, tight ass of hers. Man, there was something to be said for yoga. She was amazingly agile.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she asked, her voice thick with sleep.

He looked up and smiled. “Admiring all your hard work.”

She grunted again and closed her eyes. He assumed he had permission to play. So he did.

First, he drew circles over the small of her back, then did the same to her taut buttocks. She squirmed and he gave her rear a play slap.

“Watch it, Santini,” she said, but there was no heat in her voice.

He said nothing as he traced the seam between her buttocks. She squirmed. Dante decided to add his mouth to the teasing. He pressed it to her spine and smiled against her flesh when she moaned.

“So sensitive,” he said, teasing her.

“It had been a very long time for me.”

That made him pause. “How long?”

She shrugged and he didn’t like that. The evasion bothered him when it normally wouldn’t.

“Baker, you better tell me.”

She answered him by turning her head so he couldn’t see her face. He grabbed her by her waist and flipped her over. She screamed, which brought Charlie running down the hall barking. But she was giggling when he covered her body with his own. Charlie gave them both a look of disgust then trotted off.

“Now, Ms. Baker, I think I need a direct answer to my question.”

She smiled up at him, her eyes twinkling; he felt his heart turn over. Seeing her happiness, being part of the reason she looked like that, made him feel so damned happy.

“Tell me, or I will punish you.”

She pursed her lips. “What kind of punishment?”

He wiggled his eyebrows, but said nothing as he pressed his mouth against her jaw. He kissed his way down her body, nipping at her soft skin. By the time he settled between her legs, she was already trying to beg for mercy. He had never had a woman react so fast. It was as if they were in perfect harmony.

“Dante,” she said, struggling to raise up on her elbows.

He ignored her. Instead, he set his mouth against her sex. The scent of her arousal hit him the moment before he tasted it on his tongue. Over and over, he thrust his tongue inside her, teasing her clit each time. Finally, she surrendered.

“Before Afghanistan. Alright? God, just…”

When he got her answer, he slipped his tongue inside of her again, then pressed the bundle of nerves to send her flying over the edge. She screamed his name, bucking up against him as she came. He held her down and continued his assault. Over and over, he propelled her over the edge. By the time he moved back up her body, his entire body shook with the need to thrust inside of her and lose himself.

He grabbed another condom, and then cursed when he realized his hands were shaking so badly, he could barely open it. This time, she took charge. She grabbed it from him and tore it open. She pushed him, urging him on his back. Straddling his hips, she scooted down. With ease, she wrapped one hand around his erection and rolled the condom down his length, slowly. Her fingers danced over his flesh and brushed over his sac.

Holy Christ, she was going to kill him.

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