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From the USA Today bestselling collection and now bestselling series! This family believes in service before self and the love of a good woman. They have strong family ties and tend to absorb other people into the tight-knit relationships. Not all of them are military, but they have all served in some way.


  1. Leonardo
  2. Marco
  3. Gianni
  4. Vicente
  5. A Santini Christmas
  6. A Santini in Love
  7. Falling for a Santini
  8. One Night with a Santini
  9. A Santini Takes the Fall
  10. A Santini’s Heart


  1. The Santini Collection, Vol 1
  2. The Santini Collection, Vol 2

A Santini’s Heart Thunderclap

The release for A Santini’s Heart is just around the corner! I know that all of you are as excited as I am. It has been over a year since we had the release of a new Santini and I am so excited to share the first cowboy Santini with readers. To help with the […]

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A Teasing Santini

Oh they do love to tease, don’t they? A SANTINI’S HEART READ THE PROLOGUE AND FIRST CHAPTER BUY THE BOOK “Santini?” “Out here,” he said, just loud enough for her to hear. She followed the sound of his voice to the back porch. When she caught sight of him, she stopped and stared.

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