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A Santini’s Heart Thunderclap

The release for A Santini’s Heart is just around the corner! I know that all of you are as excited as I am. It has been over a year since we had the release of a new Santini and I am so excited to share the first cowboy Santini with readers.

To help with the release, I am asking for some social media help with Thunderclap.

What is Thunderclap? You sign up through Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr, for a set message to release at a set time. Mine is 9 am on release day for A Santini’s Heart.

It is easy peesy to do and this way you don’t have to even be online the day of release. At that time, all of the promo will be sent out, just a small post with a message and a link to my website for people to check the book out.  I appreciate any help I can get!

Remember, it is always important to spread the word about the series you love. I base my release schedule a lot on sales. I wish I didn’t have to, but I do make a living at this. While I love all my series, I do have to make those hard decisions. If you love the series, make sure you let other people know!

So, go to Thunderclap HERE to sign up for A Santini’s Heart.

Thanks, everyone!!!!


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  1. I had already done the fb thing and now after a lot of effort on my part I did the twitter thing

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