One Night With a Santini! - Melissa Schroeder

One Night With a Santini!

Good Sunday Morning! I am almost done with my Santini Scene, but I want it to sit for one more day. But, the surprise I have fo you is that Brando’s book is up for sale right now! It is at a low intSantini_BK9_600x900ro price of 2.99 and will be just as long as the others.  It’s now on preorder at Amazon and will be available everywhere on release day in February!


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He was searching for something that was missing from his life. 

Brando Santini is headed to New Orleans to blow off some steam with a few of his buddies. The respite from his life as a Marine doesn’t really seem to do the trick until he runs into his college crush, Kaitlin Fitzpatrick. After a little dancing and a few drinks, they end up in bed together and Brando knows she’s the one for him. 

One night will never be enough. 

Kaitlin never forgot Brando. She never would have thought the sexy nerd would have remembered her. More than that, she definitely didn’t expect he would be interested in seducing her. Their time in New Orleans is intense but much too short. The memories of his lovemaking leave her counting the days until she sees him again. 

A complication neither of them expected. 

By the time Brando arrives in Maryland, Kaitlin suspects that their one night together has left them with more than memories. When Brando insists on marriage, she refuses on the grounds he doesn’t love her. But what Kaitlin doesn’t understand is that when a Santini wants to prove his love, nothing will stand in his way—not her five brothers, his own annoying family, or even the woman he adores. 


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  1. Military heroes understand service; to country, family and friends. They fight for the things they believe in and for those they love. That they have to be physically fit doesn’t hurt.

  2. They are loyal, honest, very protective of their loved ones, and would give their lives for their teammates and those they protect, the innocent.

  3. They may have a job to do for their country but that obligation, compassion, and protectiveness stays with them and protects all that they hold dear! So when they love they love hard with deep core that rocks the soul!

  4. I’m a military brat. My father was in the Coast Guard. I still think a serviceman in uniform is one of the sexiest things that you will ever see.

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