A Taste of the Next Santini - Melissa Schroeder

A Taste of the Next Santini

When I started writing Falling for a Santini, I had it set in my mind that Anthony’s book would be the book after it. But, there was a little voice in my ear. And that voice grew. Then I realized it was Brando and determined his book would be next.

So, here is a little tidbit from Brando’s book, which should be on preorder soon. You will get a better idea of him later this week when I reveal a little more about him.

Santini_BK9_600x900ONE NIGHT WITH A SANTINI-unedited

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Feb/March 2015

Kaitlin was laughing when he leaned closer and kissed her. It was a simple kiss–just a brush of his mouth over hers. but she felt it all the way to the way to the tips of her toes. Then, he deepened this kiss, slipping his tongue between her lips. A thousand sparks of excitement danced through her blood and touched her soul.


Make sure you check out Joey in her book A Santini Christmas.  TheTHUNDERCLAP is still going on for Falling for a Santini! And make sure you check out the Falling for a Santini page so you read the first chapter!

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  1. I love when authors listen to that little voice in their head that tells them to write something :-). Merry Christmas and thanks for all the fun!

  2. Already added to my Goodreads list, I can’t wait!!!
    You keep on writing and I’ll keep on reading!
    But make sure you take care of YOU first. 😉

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