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Elena Santini

Sorry, I am a little late posting today. I started to clean the kitchen, then started decorating  and all of the sudden it was two in the afternoon. My ADD is really bad this time of year. Shopping, baking, planning the meals, along with getting everything set for 2015 when it comes to writing, is really causing me issues lol.

But, on to the fun stuff.

Elena was a unique heroine. I have written military women before in Tease Me and A Santini in Love, but she was also a Santini. As readers, you know  that is a big thing to live up to. Thankfully, Elena  has no problem living up to the hype (imho).


Age: 25 yrs old (Twin)

Occupation: Marine pilot (0-3)

Favorite past time: Vegging on the couch and thinking about flying.  She always thinks about flying, but she is a pilot.

Relationship with the other Santinis: Especially close with her twin, Dante. She is treated as just one of the guys, until they realize she is involved with a man.

Mel’s favorite quote from Elena:

Sometimes crying was the only thing a strong woman could do to keep herself together.
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